A logo is for brand identity not explanation
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A logo is symbol adopted by a brand to identify its brand or products and services. It is a symbol composed of either words, texts, images or all, which distinguishes brands from competitors.

What role does a logo play to a brand?

The market has floods of brands with almost similar products and services. There is a rising need for brands to distinguish themselves from others, and that’s how the logo comes in. The logo primarily gives a brand a specific identity that sets the brand aside or on top of its competitors. It represents a brand’s values, vision, promise, and voice to the audience.

What should be considered when choosing a logo?

Designers and brand managers should know that the sole role of a logo is identification not explanation of the brand. Therefore it should be very simple but unique, and not so hard to interpret. The colours used should easily relate to the brand and able to trigger emotions on sight.

The team at Digtech Solutions Hub has for long been the most convenient agency that designs unique and cool brand logos around Western Uganda. Mtf Baker (Team leader) says, “Generally, and importantly, designing process should not be left to the designer to choose whatever they think is suitable. Both the designer and the client should engage in the process to make sure that the design is aligned with the brand’s values.”

To order for logo design services from Digtech Solutions Hub, click here or visit our facebook page Digtech Solutions Hub to check on our recent work and engage with us. Our design process takes not more than 8 hours from the time of placing an order. We only allow a maximum of 5 revision times per design project. Our export files are; JPEG, PNG, PDF, AI, and PSD. Colour mode is RGB and the resolution is 300dpi.


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